Talk for writing actions for connectives english

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Talk for Writing - effective?

Let me tell you a secret. I like talking to my friends. Do you know what I’m saying? Say Vs Tell SAY Say means to speak words. When, after, before, until, since, while, once, as and as soon as are subordinating conjunctions which can be used to connect an action or an event to a point in time.

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Talk for writing using 'Talk for Writing' children are encouraged to talk about what they will be writing about before they set pencil (or pen) to paper. Children also learn complete texts, for stories in particular, that they then are able to recite aloud. Identify the sequence: opening – something happens – events to sort it out – ending; identify temporal connectives and talk about how they are used to signal the passing of time; make deductions about why events take place in a particular order by looking at characters’ actions and their consequences.

Project Description. The connectives actions sheet is a one-page document with pictures of Pie demonstrating the suggested Talk for Writing actions for the key connectives.

Talk for writing actions for connectives english
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Level 5 and level 6: the history of Australia